10 ml Black Child Resistant Graduated Glass Dropper (18-400)

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GB18-018 / 58mm Black (Dropper Printing)
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1 pcs / each
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Manufacturer Part Number GB18-018 / 58mm Black (Dropper Printing)
Fulfillment Region 92880
Neck Finish 18-400
Color Family Black
Pcs Per Sales Unit 1
Sales Unit 1
Sold by the: Each
Color Black
Material Glass
Total Height 2.375
Total Height Unit Inches
Standard Pallet Quantity 50400
Standard Pallet Count Each
Standard Pallet Height 64
Standard Pallet Height Unit Inches
Standard Pallet Width 48
Standard Pallet Width Unit Inches
Standard Pallet Depth 42
Standard Pallet Depth Unit Inches
Standard Pallet Weight 950
Standard Pallet Weight Unit Pounds
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10 ml Black Child Resistant Graduated Glass Dropper (18-400)
SKU: GB18-018 / 58mm (Dropper Printing)
Our 10 ml Black Child Resistant Graduated Glass Dropper includes black graduation marks at .25, .5, .75, and 1 mL on the 58 mm pipette. In addition, it includes a Black PP 18-400 Ribbed Skirt Child-Resistant Dropper Assembly. In addition, this dropper fits our 0.33 oz (10 ml) Boston and Euro Glass bottles. This dropper assembly features a black monprene bulb. A child-resistant polypropylene cap and a 58 mm graduated glass pipette.
Therefore, polypropylene dropper caps make precise dispensing easy. In addition, these Child Resistant require two separate motions to open, making it challenging for children to open while remaining senior-friendly.
Therefore, in order to open, you will need to push down and twist counterclockwise to open. Above all, this dropper is great for a variety of uses from aromatherapy and essential oils. Polypropylene marked (PP) has very good resistance to fatigue and has an extremely high melting point. (320 degrees Fahrenheit or 160 degrees Celsius)
In conclusion, This 10 ml Black Child Resistant Graduated Glass Dropper has an 18-400 neck finish. For instance, the first number refers to the diameter (in mm), and the second refers to the closure depth, style, and thread. Therefore you can pair this dropper assembly with various bottles that match an 18-400 neck finish, and a 58 mm graduated glass pipette bottle height.
Therefore, To help you in your product search. Pair this dropper with one of our great “Matching Items” below.

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